KiTh aNd kIN
[kith and kin] – phrase/idioms. - one's relations. The word kith is Old English, and the original senses were ‘knowledge’, ‘one's native land’, and ‘friends and neighbours’. oRiGIn: The phrase kith and kin originally denoted one's country and relatives; later one's friends and relatives. -KinS [-k-nn-s]- a diminutive suffix of nouns: indicates smallness or, by semantic extension qualities such as familiarity and affection as in daddykins - a name a child calls their father when they want something.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ankle biter

My view most of the day.  So we’re at that stage HK –you are literally always at my ankle and biting me! Occasionally annoying but mostly just really cute.  Not sure what to do about the biting - "ouch that hurts mummy" just gets a laugh from you.  Hummm might need to toughen up a bit there MK.

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