KiTh aNd kIN
[kith and kin] – phrase/idioms. - one's relations. The word kith is Old English, and the original senses were ‘knowledge’, ‘one's native land’, and ‘friends and neighbours’. oRiGIn: The phrase kith and kin originally denoted one's country and relatives; later one's friends and relatives. -KinS [-k-nn-s]- a diminutive suffix of nouns: indicates smallness or, by semantic extension qualities such as familiarity and affection as in daddykins - a name a child calls their father when they want something.

Friday, October 22, 2010

bon voyage dada

You and DK have a little routine - each morning after your feed you head down to Karla's cafe on the corner for a coffee while MK has some quite time.


But this morning was a bit special because your DK is off on a big work trip soon and he will be gone for 12 whole sleeps.  So this time MK came too and we had a lovely breakfast.  MK and DK enjoyed a cooked breakfast and coffee and you grabbed at stuff - your rattle, Karla's necklace, MK's hair - its your new thing - we call it the "gimme gimme gimme" stage.

We are going to fly up to Queensland this afternoon to hang out with your Grandma and Granddada while DK's away.  I better go get you packed...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

no day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap ~Carrie Snow.

You slept well last night time for the first time in a long time Mr HK - and next time you decide not to sleep for a while and turn into cranky baby - MK and DK need to try and remember that our smily little guy is just one good sleep away.  I'm glad you're back.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

week 22

This week you cried A LOT little man.  You had your DK and I up five or six times a night every night- we are so exhausted everything hurts :-(  Last night I caved in and let you sleep in our bed - not very restful for DK and MK but you certainly slept better and that made for a much happier HK today.  You made the most of your good mood to enjoy a visit from your Great Grandma Val (above) and a good play in the bath (below).  

This week you also shocked your DK and I by feeding yourself your own bottle!  You have only had maybe 10 bottle feeds in your whole life and none in the last month or more.  But when you saw that bottle - whhhaa - you knew exactly what it was and you wanted it NOW.  You then proceeded to happily feed yourself - no parental assistance required thank you very much!

That reminded DK and I not to worry about the crying and the sleepless nights as you are growing and learning so fast that before we know it you'll be leaving home to go to uni and we'll be missing all your noise and the eventful evenings.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Mr HK - you are in a very cute stage at the moment where you like to copy everything I do: I smile - you smile; I blow a raspberry - you blow a raspberry; I say “goo” - you say “goo” – this goes on all day and it really is seriously sweet.  

But now I know that this will come a shock - but not everything MK says is always literally technically true - for example - when I say "I'm gonna eat your toes nom nom nom" it does not mean that you should try to too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Mr HK - as you were napping today I was doing some cleaning.  Getting frustrated with the baked on blaa that would not come off the oven tray I thought to myself "you know what they say in the classics" called it done and moved on.

I don't know whether its something that all couples do, or if it's because we were so young when we got together but DK and I often speak in code.  Or maybe we're just wordy folk.  There are so many words and phrases that we use that have particular meanings and histories to us.

It occurred to me that theses codes will become your language - that you will know no different so we had better explain them to you before sending you out into the world - because HK no one will know what you mean when you say "you know what they say in the classics" - no one except your DK and me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mr HK, meet the previous baby, AKA Evil Beagle, AKA Belle. Keen eyesight, nose like a vacuum, could hear a pin drop in a crowded pub, there is no messing with this fur ball. Unless of course there are fireworks - or a thunder storm. Then it's scary as hell.

Nor is this the final member of the clan. No, stay tuned.


Being on maternity leave from a crazy busy job has given me the chance to try a few things I have been meaning and wanting to do for years (hence the blog) and also we finally planted a herb and veggie garden.  Yesterday there was no sign of nothing in the bean patch - nada.  I suspected that they were dead- literally just dirt - but today we have beans shoots!! It has opened up in the last couple of hours and is heading for the trellis - go little bean go! (feeling strangely proud of small bean shoot and excited by its progress - either I need to get out more or this is the reason people get so passionate about gardening)

week 21

Mr HK you are 5 months old now! Wow that flew by.  Thankfully you are all better now and have had a really great week.  The big news is we started food - and you get very very excited.  We have decided to do baby lead weaning with you which means no mushed up baby goo for you - we are letting you play with and explore food with the hope that you will eventually eat something.  So far your favorite food is - - wait for it - - cucumber.  What a healthy little guy - especially interesting considering it is your Dad's least favorite food.  While I have been having lots of fun seeing you start food I am a little sad too - such a big boy already not just my little boobie monster anymore.  Oh and you rocked that swimming lesson this week and looked super cute in your flash new swim suit.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

it's here

Now I just have to learn how to use it - watch this space.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

20 weeks

Little HK this week was action packed. Monday you took your very first train trip (not fussed): walked around the big city (not pleased): came down with your very first little man cold (probably related to very first train trip) complete with tragically cute sneezes, red eyes and a break your heart horse cry (but still smiling): had your very first doctors appointment (related to first cold): your very first trip to the beach (loved for 10 mins then cried) and had your very first swimming lesson (reaction pretty much the same as to the beach).  It has been your first few days of really good weather for spring and you have enjoyed spending time in the yard and out on our walks.  You have been just a touch HIGH MAINTENANCE BABY due to the cold and DK and I have been calling you "Velcro baby" - you stay pretty happy as long as we cuddle you all the time and take you on regular trips to the back door to say "hello puppies" (works to cure the tears every time so DK and I are reasurred that you are not seriously ill).  Not too much to ask is it - we hope you feel all better soon little man.